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July & August 2023 ⎮ Bruges & Domaine du Château de Bellem TRA & INTBAU BE 

Under the auspices of Léon Krier  With the support of many TRA members, INTBAU,

Arcas Paris, Brooksfield Townhouses, Ralf Schmitz and the van Caloen Foundation

We had the pleasure of spending seven weeks with such talented and promising people.

Many thanks to all of them !

Alex Peacock (Ireland), Maria Serban (France), Maria Solovei (Ukraine), Gustav Grants (Latvia), Tarini Sharma (India/Australia), Tasneem Zraikat (Jordania), Tiziano Iacoboni (Italy), Virgil Declerq (Belgium), Noa Sajid (Belgium), Gertrud Oberg (Latvia), Quentin Saglio (France), Selin Hidayetoglu (Turkey), Sofia Vasile (Romania), Stephania Zappanico (Italy), Christopher Clayton Davis (UK), Paula Mariscal Romero (Spain), Deniz Erensoy (UK), Eva Corrigan (Ireland), Flavio Diaz Miron Rodriguez (Mexico), Khostseg Tumurbat (Mongolia), Masha Branitskaya (Russia), Nicholas Ceddia (US), Nikolai Brummer (Finland), Nicolas Grandry (Belgium) & Francisco Javier Salgado.

Many thanks also to the teachers, lecturers and members of the final jury!

Nadia Everard, Noé Morin, Jakub Ryng, Riccardo Buratti, José Baganha, Colum Mulhern, Mieke Bosse, Peter Drijver, William Pesson, Conor Lynch, Robert Adam, Léon Krier, Jean-Marie Tong, Patrick Webb, Dirk Mortier, Dujardyn Art Concept, Christophe Mahy, Anne-Catherine Mulhern, Pablo Alvarez Funes, Nicholas Boys Smith, Cory Rouillard, Harriet Wennberg, Maria Sanchez, Pedro Godoy, Ralf Schmitz, Mathias Delrue & Mark Wilson Jones.

Thanks to William Adji & Pauline Deschodt, violinist and cellist of Le Fonds l'instrument du musicien from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, for their beautiful performance at the Great Estival Celebration on the 29th of July 2023.


Finally, thank you to all the members of the T.R.A. who contributed to this important day.


Study visits - Observe, remember & draw


Study visits - Observe, remember & draw


The Art of Building