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The Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts

20th July to 25th August 2024


Application deadlineMarch 31, 2024 

La Table Ronde de l'Architecture trains the next generation of builders, students (16+) and professionals from all around the world in the Art of Building: the traditional building crafts, architecture and urban planning.

The Bruges Summer School is a unique place of transmission and learning, a haven for the preservation of knowledge and a centre of excellence in architecture, nourished by the crafts and knowledge of history. The participants will discover the rigour of drawing by hand using the rules of composition. They will exercise their eyes and their judgement on ancient architectural forms and discover their constructive qualities. Using the city of Bruges as a resource, they will get to observe, measure and draw its streets, buildings and constructional elements which over the centuries have made it an inspiring example of a beautiful, humane and durable place to live.

A glimpse of the school...

" My experience in the summer architecture course was an enriching adventure that allowed me to explore my passion for building design and construction. I am excited about what the future holds for me in the field of architecture and am grateful for this transformative experience."

Paula Mariscal Romero, BSSAC 2023

Course Programme
Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts

20220727_111711 (1).jpg


Observe, remember & draw


Lectures & round tables

  • What is the architecture of our time?

  • History of the city of Bruges through drawings

  • The first architects: From Imhotep to the builders of the cathedrals

  • Religious, civil and domestic architecture in the Middle Ages in Flanders and France

  • What is classical architecture? 

  • Language, composition and crafts

Study visits

  • Walk in the streets of Bruges

  • The City Hall

  • The Belfry

  • The Fish Market

  • The English Convent

  • The Godshuizen

  • The Minnewater hospital

  • The Beguinage

Drawing sessions

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Arches (archivolts, buttresses, arcatures, etc.)

  • Facades, sections & plans

  • Roofs

20220801_114204 (1).jpg


Observe, remember & draw


Lectures & round tables

  • The Nature of Architecture

  • Introduction to traditional construction techniques and natural materials 

  • The Spirit of Gothic Architecture

  • The architect confronted with the injunctions of History

Study visits

  • Houses of Bruges

  • The Jerusalem Chapel and the Adornes Estate

  • The Jan Van Eyck square 

  • The Provincial Court 

  • The Gruuthuse house

  • St Gillis Church

  • St Salvator's Cathedral

  • The Loppem Castle

Drawing sessions

  • Facades, sections & plans

  • Gothic geometry

  • Measured drawings (stonework, joinery, ironwork and brickwork)

  • Naturalistic ornamentation



Think, draw and build


Lectures & round tables

  • Lithic materials (geological formation, stone carving & decay processes)

  • Limestone and lime cycles of calcium lime, NHL, natural and pozzolanic cements

  • Gypsum rock, types of gypsum plaster and the gypsum cycle

  • Clays and ceramics in construction

Study visits​​​

  • Project sites

  • The city of Ghent (1 day)

  • The cities of  Veurne and Ypres

      (1 day)

Embellishment projects

  • Draw plans, facades, sections and construction details

Crafts workshops

  • Sgraffito

  • Gypsum mouldings



Think, create and draw


Embellishment projects

  • Draw plans, facades, sections and construction details

Project presentation & exhibition in Bruges

  • Saturday August 17, 2024



Think, draw and build


Lectures & round tables

  • Nature and ornamentation

  • Belgian Blue Stone

Study visits

  • Carpentry and roof workshop

  • Ironwork workshop

  • Blue stone quarry

Crafts workshops

  • Clay tiles and natural painting 

  • Blue stone work
  • Brick masonry (wall and arch)

*A number of activities will be added to the programme over the coming months.


Our team of tutors is joined every week by guest teachers and in the fourth week by the distinguished members of the final jury (August 17, 2024).

Prof. Robert Adam (Architect, urban designer and author), Jean-Marie Tong (roofmaker), Christophe Mahy (stonemason), Steven and Brecht Dujardyn (blacksmith), William Pesson (Architect, Arcas Paris), Maurice Culot (Editor AAM, Architect & President of The European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier), Nicholas Boys Smith (Director of Create Streets) and many others will join our team!

The teachers


Dates20 July to 25 August, 2024

Application deadlineMarch 31, 2024

Course locationBruges town center, Belgium

Course language English

Course timetable9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Saturday ⎟10 am to 1 pm

Saturday afternoon and Sunday⎟Free time (study session in the TRA library, group visits, etc)

Course fee (5 weeks)⎟1 600 EUR

The course fee includes lectures, studio sessions, workshops, site visits (tickets), drawing and crafts materials, train tickets for the visits outside of Bruges and a daily afternoon snack.

A number of course scholarships (full or partial) will be offered thanks to the support of members of the TRA, Ben Pentreath architecture studio, Ralf Schmitz Exceptional Homes, Arcas Paris architecture and urban planning office, the architect Robert Adam and the Prince Trust Australia.

If needed, you can apply for a course scholarship. If so, you should explain the reasons in a separate letter when you apply and add supporting document(s). 

Accommodation and meals fee (optional)⎟600 EUR for 5 weeks

Accommodation locationHemelsdaele boarding school

Accommodation typeSchool with single rooms and shared shower rooms

All meals Monday to Saturdaybreakfast, lunch and dinner (adapted to individual needs and allergies). On Sundays, meals are at the expense of each student (access to a kitchen in the accommodation or meals in town).

Minimum age to apply to the course16 years old

Applicants under the age of 18 must send along with their application a letter from their legal guardian authorising them to take part in the summer school.

How to apply

Please submit ALL the information requested below before March 31, 2024 by email at:

with the following e-mail title: Application BSSAC 2024 - Full name

  1. Personal information: full name, postal address, phone number and date of birth.

  2. Title (e.g. carpenter, student of architecture, student of the history of architecture, architect, urbanist, historian, high school student, lawyer, doctor, etc) and associated information.

  3. Motivational letter in English or French (max two pages in pdf)

  4. Three hand drawings/paintings (one pdf)

  5. You can also add to this application any piece of writing that you feel is relevant (poem, opinion piece, essay on architecture, etc) and craft work(s) (Jpeg images with captions).

IMPORTANT: Only complete applications will be considered.


The Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts

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