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July & August 2023 ⎮ Bruges & Domaine du Château de Bellem English & French  TRA & INTBAU BE 

Under the auspices of Léon Krier

With the support of many TRA members, INTBAU, Arcas Paris, Brooksfield Townhouses, Ralf Schmitz and the van Caloen Foundation

La Table Ronde de l'Architecture (TRA) trains the next generation of builders in the art of building: architecture, urban planning and the traditional building crafts. It is a unique place of transmission and learning, a haven for the preservation of know-how and a centre of excellence in architecture, nourished by the crafts and knowledge of history. During the summer, the teachers train students (16+) and professionals (25+) from all over the world in the learning of a beautiful, humane and sustainable architecture. Participants discover the rigour of drawing and the rules of composition; they exercise their eyes and their judgement on ancient architectural forms; they are free, finally, to dip their pencil in any era to conceive an architecture worthy of our own.




Applicants aged between 16 and 25 must apply for the "Core Curriculum" (July - 4 weeks) and are strongly encouraged to participate in the full program (7 weeks).

On demand, professionals (25+) can choose to apply for the week(s) of their choice (see below) - fees/week: 350 EUR

Fees include:

  • Lectures, studio sessions, workshops and visits (tickets included) given in English and French;

  • Materials for drawing, painting, engraving, sculpting, etc;

  • Train tickets between Bellem and Bruges station (the only the travels included in the program);

  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen, common rooms (dining room, drawing room, reading room, craft room and the orangery) and the park of Bellem Castle Estate during your stay;

  • Afternoon snack every day (tea, coffee, fruits and biscuits).

The fees do not include your accommodation.

Several accommodation options are available below.


Duration: 4 weeks ⎮ Date: 1st to 30th July Fees: 1 280 EUR 



Introduction to architecture and urban planning

Debate, lectures, visits, geometry, observation & measured drawing

Lectures (Bellem & Bruges): The future of architecture / Great architecture of the XXIst century around the world / Learning from the architecture and urban planning of Bruges

Study visits (Bruges): Urban studies and studies of remarkable buildings


Teachers: Noé Morin, Nadia Everard, Colum Mulhern, Mieke Bosse & Peter Drijver




The Art of drawing

Debate, lectures, visits, observation drawing, measured drawing & perspective


Lectures (Bellem & Bruges) & studio sessions (Bellem): Drawing observation in the TRA archives / The Art of drawing of Viollet-le-Duc / The Flemish primitive painters / Cavalier & in-situ perspective / Shadow & light / Colors


Study visits (Bruges): Urban studies, studies of remarkable buildings and museums of the Flemish primitive painters.


Teachers: Conor Lynch, Nadia Everard & Noé Morin




The Art of building 

Debate, lectures, visits, observation drawing, measured drawing & design project


Lectures (Bellem & Bruges) & studio sessions (Bellem): Durability in construction: natural materials and long lasting construction  / Building local / The Art of building Bruges / Pavilion projects for the city of Bruges (drawing)


Study visits (Bruges): site study 


Teachers: Jean-Marie Tong, José Baganha, Nadia Everard & Ricardo Buratti



The Art of embellishment

Debate, lectures, design of an architectural project for the city of Bruges, exhibition & summer party in Bellem

Study visits (Bruges): site study 

Teachers: Robert Adam, Jakub Ryng & Nadia Everard



Duration: 5 weeks ⎮ Date: 1st of July to 6th August ⎮ Fees: 1 600 EUR 


The Art of gothic architecture

Debate, lectures, visits, gothic geometry, observation drawing, measured drawing, painting, engraving, sculpting & design projects

Lectures (Bellem & Bruges) & studio sessions (Bellem): Gothic: Spirit & Form / the Gothic thought of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc / Gothic geometry: arches, moulding profiles, elevation principles and floorplans / Loppem and the neo-gothic movement / Ornamentation projects on paper, wood and stone / Door projects

Study visits (Bruges & Loppem): studies of remarkable buildings

Teachers: Patrick Webb, Nadia Everard & Noé Morin

* On request, professionals (25+) can choose to register for this week only - fee/week: 350 EUR



Duration: 6 weeks ⎮ Date: 1st of July to 13th of August ⎮ Fees: 1 920 EUR 


Hands on craft

Debate, lectures, observation drawing, measured drawing, painting, engraving, ceramic, material fabrication & scale model projects 

Lectures & workshops (Bellem): Solid brick walls / Natural mortar, plaster & concrete / Mouldings / Natural paints / Sgraffito / Terracotta tiles

Study visits (Brussels): studies of remarkable buildings designed by Victor Horta, Paul Hankar, Paul Saintenoy, Jean Van Ruysbroeck among many others.

Teachers: Patrick Webb & Nadia Everard

* On request, professionals (25+) can choose to register for this week only - fee/week: 350 EUR



Duration: 7 weeks ⎮ Date: 1st of July to 20th of August ⎮ Fees: 2 240 EUR 


Hands on craft

Debate, lectures, observation drawing, measured drawing & scale model projects 

Lectures & workshops (Bellem): Materials extraction, production and transport / Woodwork / Stonework / Ironwork 

Study visits (Belgium): study visits of craftmen workshops - carpentry / ironwork / stone quarry / clay pit / sawmill / roofmaker

Teachers: Jean Marie Tong & Nadia Everard

* On request, professionals (25+) can choose to register for this week only - fee/week: 350 EUR


Noé MORIN, Founder of La TRA, research Fellow of La TRA, and writer (Belgium).


Colum MULHERN, architect and urbansit, head of Colum Mulhern Architecture Traditionnelle.


Riccardo Buratti, research Fellow of La TRA and architect in Gent.


Patrick WEBB,
Traditional Plaster Arts & Craftsman


Nadia EVERARD, Founder of La TRA, Chapter Chair of INTBAU Belgium, research Fellow of La TRA, builder (MArch RIBA Part 2) and ornamentalist.

Peter DRIJVER and Mieke BOSSE, architects and urbanists, heads of SCALA-Architecten, Chapter Chair of INTBAU Nederland.

_PGP5862_Scala Drijver en Bosse_proofs.jpeg

Conor LYNCH, architect RIBA

Part II at ADAM Architecture (UK).

Jean-Marie TONG,
Roofmaker (BE)

Professor José BAGANHA PhD,  Architect, head of José Baganha & Arquitectos Associados Lda and Chapter Chair of INTBAU Portugal.

Foto JB_2017.jpg

Professor Robert ADAM PhD, architect, urban designer and author (The Globalisation of Modern Architecture & Time for Architecture: On Modernity, Memory and Time).

Driehaus head shot (002).jpg

Jakub RYNG, architect RIBA Part II at Apollodorus Architecture (UK).

Pablo ALVAREZ FUNES, Architect, Associate Director at Katherine Pooley Design Studio and Director of Education at Classical Planning Institute (UK)

Christophe MAHY,
Stone mason (BE)


Heads of  Van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware workshops

Nicholas BOYS SMITH,

Founding Director of Create Streets


Cory ROUILLARD, Architect,

Henson architecture (USA)

And many others !



During the summer school, the courses will take place in the city of Bruges and at the Bellem Castle Estate where we also offer accommodation.

In Bellem you will have daily access to a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, reading room, drawing and craft workshop and the orangery. Workshops and walks will be organised in the beautiful park of the castle grounds. There will be some intimate areas in the park where you can eat and discuss in the open air.

Some courses, visits and discussions will be held in the city of Bruges, in its buildings, streets and squares, but also in the TRA's workshop and library, which is located in an idyllic building along the canal.

Accommodation in the Bellem Castle Estate

  • Shared room with two single beds and a shower room - 140 EUR/week

  • Single room with a single shower room - 210 EUR/week 

Each room has at least one window overlooking the estate and is equipped with a desk. 


You can organize your own accommodation outside Bellem Castle Estate but take into account that the courses start everyday at 9.30 am in the Estate or in Bruges.



Fourth year Architecture student from Bangladesh, Audity HAIDER.

""I attended the Summer School 2022 precisely because it offered a different kind of architecture education than that offered at my university. I learned the principles that lead to a qualitative and lasting urbanism and architecture. The lessons in in-situ drawing, geometry, construction and the many study visits helped me to understand why reasoned and historically inspired architecture is important: it creates places of beauty and joy that are loved for generations."

Matheus TEIXEIRA had just finished his studies from university in Brazil when he decided to apply for the TRA Summer School.


"I always wanted to pursue a career in traditional architecture, but I felt quite limited by my university and my environment. I was looking forward to the day when I could develop a different kind of architecture that embraced our beautiful traditions. Like everywhere else in Brazil, there is a lack of debate about architecture and urbanism. Coming to Bruges to learn in depth the techniques and theories that make architecture beautiful really changed my life.


A few weeks after the summer school, with the help of the TRA, I was hired by a traditional architecture firm in France, where I am currently working."


To apply for the 2023 edition of the Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts, please fill in the following form and send us by email a letter of motivation (in French or in English max 2 pages in PDF) and three hand drawings (JPEG). You can also add to this application any piece of writing that you feel is relevant (poem, opinion piece, essay on architecture, etc).

Applicants under 18 years of age must produce a letter from their legal guardian authorising them to take part.




Riccardo BURATTI, an Italian architect specialising in sustainability, attended the course in Bruges in 2022.


"Denied the opportunity until now to learn about traditional methods of design,’ he claims his ‘academic school system systematically reject[ed] traditional architecture and urbanism’. The course in Bruges provided him with the opportunity to make ‘new friends, exchange ideas, gain experience and above all, gain confidence in his ability to shift to traditional architecture, interpret and understand it."


If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

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